The stages of deregulation of US airlines

I. The Regulation Although it was originally thought that deregulation of US carriers would increase the number of carriers whose different service concepts, market segments, fleets and route structures would have created new competition, stimulated traffic and reduced fares, it ultimately reached a full cycle with only a virtual monopoly. There were three distinct stages […]

Mobsters – Big Bill Dwyer – King of Runners

As a simple docker, he melted heavily and was known as the "King of Rummy Runners". Big Bill Dwyer made so much money by partnering with famous gangsters at several crazy New York nightclubs. Dwyer also owned two professional hockey teams, including New York Americans, and was the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers football team. […]

Types and characteristics of restaurants

Broadly speaking, restaurants can be divided into several categories: 1- chain or indy and franchise restaurants. McDonald's, Union Square Cafe, or KFC 2 – Quick Service (QSR), sandwich. Burger, chicken and so on; convenience store, noodles, pizza 3 – Fast random. Panera Bread, Atlanta Bread Company, Au Bon Pain, etc. 4- Family. Bob Evans, Perkins, […]

What food does the cruise ship crew eat?

Food keeps crew members completely out of integration, perhaps more than anything else on big ships. The availability of home food at sea is dramatically different, as home food varies dramatically. Some cruise lines have more Indian or Eastern European or Caribbean dishes, depending on the crew. Fortunately, cruise lines take food very seriously for […]

Passenger safety – How to stay safe while out of your comfort zone and while traveling

The following suggestions have been derived from my travels worldwide for 20 years or more. These observations are provided as a helpful supplement to other online resources that address travel-related personal security issues. I apologize to those who do not find these observations relevant to their particular situation. Let me say that these proposals are […]

Carmine "Lilo" Galante – Cigar

He was as vicious as Mafia boss Vito Genovese, as ambitious as Vito Genovese, and he dealt deeply with the heroin business as Vito Genovese. However, Carmine "Cigar" Galante does not die for natural reasons like Vito Genovese (though in prison). Instead, Galante was murdered as one of the most memorable mob hits of all […]

Drive through the desert

One of the most life-changing experiences in my life – perhaps because it was extremely traumatic – happened to me when I first traveled to the beautiful state of California to take up my new job in 2000. At that time I was working at St. In Louis, MO, and I had just accepted a […]

Low cost flight information

Low cost airline flight information provides details on cheap flights offered by various airlines around the world. Cheap airline tickets make them popular with travelers within a limited budget. The low cost airlines' low cost airlines help you plan a trip and book a flight accordingly. The flight information of the following low cost airlines […]