People Checklist

Travelers Checklist


o Flight Tickets
o Accommodation Vouchers
o Transfer Vouchers
o Prepaid Appeal Tickets
o Passport (If traveling offshore)
o Visa (Check with Travel Agent if needed)
o travel cover
o telephone numbers for house
o wellness Documentation
o crisis Information
o Currency
o Currency computations sheet
o bank cards x 2/Travelers Cheques,
o Make copies of most documents keep one backup with you and leave a copy of your passport, charge cards, travel cover with a pal or relative

If your wanting to pack make sure to get what type of weather condition you’re going to be getting and pack correctly, remember climate can transform rapidly therefore make sure to bring for the unanticipated changes.

o undies
o Socks/Hosiery
o Belts
o Informal Time Wear
o Sleepwear
o Cold weather equipment (jumper, coating, cozy cap, gloves, scarf)
o summer gear (swimsuit, shorts, shoes
o Comfortable walking footwear (needs to be used in)
o sunlight Hat


o Comb and/or brush
o brush, tooth paste, floss etc
o Deodorant
o Soap
o Shampoo & conditioner
o Skin-care lotion
o shaver & shaving ointment
o individual hygiene things
o Vitamins
o Bath / beach towel
o Inspect repellent
o Sunscreen
o Nail clippers
o Aspirin
o Antiseptic wipes
o antibiotic drug cream
o Band-Aids
o Upset stomach / Diarrhea medicine
o Regular medicine, plus a letter from your medical practitioner for everything strange.

o Luggage (always check any fat constraints)
o Back pack
o Wallet
o Money gear
o Organizer bags (mesh or different tints)
o Ipod/MP3 Player
o Camera & memory cards
o guidebook and maps
o Travel diary & pens
o Games / playing cards
o Little padlocks for suitcase
o Luggage ID tags
o noisy alarms
o Sunglasses and case
o Travel clothesline & pegs
o Sink plug – (multi dimensions)
o Laundry bag
o Zip lock synthetic bags
o Large synthetic garbage bag – to utilize as rainfall defense for your primary bag
o electric converter / adapter for those who have AC appliances
o Earplugs / eyeshades

o Your favourite book from Book Brothers

o hold supplemental income $ 50 – $ 100 in a safe place
o Drink a lot of liquid and little liquor on plane
o adhere to a bland diet
o constantly have a look at the town before you make it happen.
o constantly take an additional set of underwear in your hand baggage
o Check baggage fat limits for several settings of transport you’re taking your baggage on and get baggage correctly
o determine if any vaccinations are expected for nation you will be visiting
o setup an internationally email account if wanting to match back via e-mail

o Stop deliveries and have now Australian Continent Post hold post
o Arrange for care of animals, grass, household flowers, yard, swimming pool
o request security alarm if you should be worried
o Empty refrigerator and garbage
o Turn off hot water cylinder
o Pre-pay bills (or ask friend to gather mail and pay bills for you personally)
o Lock all windows and doors
o Triple check you have actually Passport / Tickets / cash

Kylie Leigh

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