Thanksgiving football

Have fun and games is an indispensable part of entertainment for young and old alike. In America, people celebrate this charity festival by participating enthusiastically Football which will bring the joy and joy of football fans into the hearts of many fanatical football fans during this festive season. Over the years, Football has become synonymous with this joyful festival Thanksgiving .
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Many interesting traditions have invaded the Thanksgiving festival, for example, the game of football complicates this festival of fun games. Professional football was the last of today’s trends in celebrating the spirit of Thanksgiving. It was the first in 1874, eleven years after Lincoln was proclaimed collegiate football was played.
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Two years later, the Intercollegiate Football Association was formed in the northeast, launching a championship game mainly to entertain people Thanksgiving .
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Every year, strong competitors like Princeton and Yale carry the coveted winner’s cup. Players, students, and fans would wear their school colors as a symbol of representation along with high-flying bands from New York wagons, hotels, and businesses.
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On top Thanksgiving ecclesiastical worship ends early to house fans, kicking off the 2007 season solemnity For the New York social elite. It had gained such popularity that by the mid-1890s, 1,20,000 athletes were attending 5,000 colleges, clubs, and high schools Thanksgiving football games across the nation.
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The tradition of watching a football match on Thanksgiving has evolved in the early decades of the twentieth century. When football paved the way for the hearts of millions of winners, already gaining tremendous popularity in the 1920s and 1930s, and earning such a prestigious position today, many people began to visit the football stadium to watch the same.
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Well-known teams playing for the world-famous football league America finally established a tradition of nationally televised games on Thanksgiving afternoon.
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In addition to the usual competition organized by the nationally recognized football league In America, many high schools and colleges also organize ” Turkey Day “Thanksgiving weekend football matches, often between regional or historical rivals.
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Thanksgiving football in American schools and colleges is now more or less forgotten in most parts of the country and is kept alive in only two franchise cities. It is globally recognized. American Football League , namely Detroit and Dallas, where Thanksgiving football there are many lifestyles.
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Thanksgiving football more often it is associated with the Lions team and tradition that has been popular in Detroit since 1934. The game was invented by GA Richards, the team’s first owner, who has wild lions like high-quality team-mates.
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In fact, four generations of detroiters have been a proud part of celebrating American Thanksgiving. About 71 years later, fans in the state of Michigan have turned the local event into an annual holiday event, giving it one of the greatest traditions in world history. American professional team sports.
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In fact, there is no other professional team sports it can be said that there is so much to do American vacation if this team that has a wild lion like players & # 39; team with Thanksgiving . This team has hosted the game every Thanksgiving since 1934, except 1939-1944 due to World War II. Dallas has also hosted football matches every Thanksgiving since 1966.
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So we find it all started in 1934 when GA Richards, a local radio host, bought the Spartans from Portsmouth, Ohio, and moved the team to Detroit, Motor City. Lions When the city arrived, the baseball tigers had backed the sports pages.
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Richards had practical reasons to plan a Thanksgiving game because he was also smart enough to realize that the best way to promote a team is to select a Thanksgiving contest to attract teams to a motor city fan.
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first season. Acute collision Lions and the undefeated world champion, which means powerful Bears Chicago turned out to be an all-time classic. Lions were exceptionally good – eight wins supported them, leading them to the tournament Bears With a 10-1 record. But Chicago had an even better record, holding 11 straight victories.
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Then the match reached an interesting phase, where victory in the only fateful game ensured either Lions will receive first place with a tie Bears . Two weeks before that fatal match, 26,000 tickets for a “Turkey Day” clash were sold at the University of Detroit stadium.
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Richards had not been in control of the last two losses, but rather substantive as his team had been in its first year. His faith and confidence in the team was recognized when Lions won the 1935 America’s Most Popular Competition soccer championship .
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The final match was to take place today, when the Lions defeated the Bears 14-2 to pack the Western Championship trophy. The radio, which had enormous advertising potential, was used as a bait to engage the audience. Richards set up 94-station network with nationally recognized broadcaster to broadcast Lions Bears showdown. After that, two nationally televised games, which usually include the famous footballers of Dallas, one of the most successful and popular franchises in the sport, and one of the least successful Detroit players.
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2006 will be globally recognized for the 87th season American football and is expected to run from September 7 to December 31, New Year’s Eve. Ideally, three games are provided Thanksgiving . In addition to the traditional annual game, known worldwide American football Detroit and Dallas home games players that day, the Kansas City Chiefs who organized their days at the American Football League, get this tradition 2006 hosting Denver players on Thanksgiving. All of these games are scheduled to be broadcast live.

Friends and families across America usually prefer to fuss around the radio or TV to watch a live match while pouting on special dishes prepared for remembrance Thanksgiving . Thus, every Thanksgiving would actually revive the old classic tradition of enjoying a football match during a celebration. For decades Football and Thanksgiving has created a strong bond that leads to high adrenaline rises.

Corn sugar and blood and the rise and fall of the Cleveland Mafia

Chapter I

The Great Ange and the death of the Cleveland Mafia

In 1983, Angelo Lonardo, 72, a one-time boss of the Cleveland Mafia, turned government informant. He shocked his family, friends, law enforcement officers and especially criminal associates with a decision made after a life sentence of 103 years for drugs and extortion. The punishment fell after local, state and federal authorities had done a monumental investigation, but the Cleveland Mafia wiped out everything.

The Big Ange, as he was called, was the highest ranked mafioso whose mistake was. He testified in Las Vegas casino "peeling" trials in Kansas City in 1985 and in the New York Mafia's "ruling commission" trials in 1986. As a result of these trials, many of the nation's largest mob leaders were convicted.

During his testimony, Lonardo talked about how he retrieved the murder of his father at the age of 18, killing a man believed to be responsible. He also testified that after the murder he was responsible for the killing of several of Porrello's father's brothers, who were his father's business.

Chapter II

Birth of the Cleveland Mafia

At the end of the eighteen hundred four Lonardo brothers and seven Porrello brothers were bachelors and employees of a sulfur factory in Licatal, Sicily. They came to America in the early nineteen and eventually settled in the Cleveland Woodland area. They remained close friends. Several brothers Porrello and Lonardo worked together in small businesses.

Lonardo's Big Joe clan manager became a successful businessman and community manager at the bottom of Woodland Avenue. During the ban, he became a successful trader of corn sugar, which was used by boot managers to make corn. Big Joe supplied the poor people of the Italian district with distillation and raw materials. They would make a booze and Big Joe would buy it back, giving them a commission. He was respected and feared as a "defensive force" or godfather. Big Joe became the leader of a powerful and vicious gang and was known as the "baron" of corn sugar. Joe Porrello was one of his captains.

Chapter III

The first bloody angle

With the ban, Cleveland, like other cities, experienced a wave of boot-related murders. The murders of Louis Rosen, Salvatore Vella, August Rin and several others led to the same suspects, but no charges were filed. These suspects were members of the Lonardo gang. Several murders occurred at the corner of E. 25th and Woodland Ave. This intersection became known as the "bloody corner".

By that time, Joe Porrello had left the Lonardos employee to start his own wholesale sugar business.

Porrello and his six brothers collected their money and eventually became successful corn sugar dealers, headquartered in the upper area of ​​Woodland Avenue near E. 110th Street.

Lonardos' business flourished with small rivals, sugar vendors and vans, mysteriously dying violent deaths as they achieved a near-sugar monopoly. Their main competitors were old friends in Porrello.

Hidden federal agents arrested the youngest of his brothers, Raymond Porrello, who organized the sale of 100 gallons of whiskey at a Porrello-owned hairdressing shop in E. 110 and Woodland. He was sentenced to Dayton, Oh. Workplace.

Porrello brothers paid $ 5,000 to influential "Big Joe" Lonardo to get Raymond out of prison. "The Great River"

failed his attempt, but never returns $ 5,000.

In the meantime, Ernest Yorkell and Jack Brownstein of Cleveland, the "cool guys" from Philadelphia who started out for a while, arrived. Yorkell and Brownstein were hidden artists and their intended victims were the Cleveland boots, who almost got rid of how the two found it necessary to explain that they were harsh. Pretty tough guys didn't have to tell people they were tough. After offering laughter to the Cleveland gangsters, Yorkell and Brownstein were taken on a "one-way street."

Chapter IV

Corn sugar and blood

"The Great River" Lonardo in 1926, now at the peak of his wealth and power in Sicily to visit his mother and

relatives. He left his closest brother and business partner John in charge.

During his six-month absence from Big Joe, he lost much of his $ 5,000 weekly profit to Porrellos, who took advantage of John Lonardo's lack of business skills and the help of a dissatisfied Lonardo employee. The Great River returned and business talks began between Porrellos and Lonardos.

They "called on" Porrellos to return the lost clientele.

On October 13, 1927, "Big Joe" and John Lonardo Porrello went to the hairdresser to play cards and talk to Angelo Porrello, as they had done the past week. When Lonardos entered the back of the store, two gunmen opened fire. Angelo Porrello was lying under the table.

The Cleveland Underworld lost its first boss when "Great Joe" went down with three bullets in his head. John Lonardo was shot in the chest and groin, but pulled a gun and managed to track down the attackers through the hairdresser. He fired his gun at the store, but continued pursuing the gunmen on the street where one of them turned, and shot Lonardo several times in the head with the butt of his gun. John fell unconscious and bleeded to death.

The Porrello brothers were arrested. Angelo was charged with the murders of the Lonardo brothers. The charge was later dropped due to lack of evidence. Joe Porrello became a "baron" of corn sugar from Lonardos and later called himself the "kapo" of the Cleveland Mafia.

Chapter V

Cleveland meeting

The trail of the boots' blood continued to flow with the numerous murders resulting from the Porrello-Lonardo conflict.

Former Lonardo bodyguard Lawrence Lupo was killed after he announced he wanted to take over Lonardo's corn sugar business.

Butcher Anthony Caruso, who saw the Lonardos killers flee, was shot and killed. He was believed to know the identity of the gunmen and intended to disclose them to the police.

On December 5, 1928, Joe Porrello, along with his lieutenant and bodyguard Sam Tilcock, hosted the first known major Mafia meeting at the Cleveland Hotel in Statler. Many of the larger mafia leaders from Chicago to New York were invited. The meeting was held before it actually began.

The best known of the gangsters arrested was the family of Joe Profac, a Brooklyn leader in New York. Within hours, police and court officials, to the surprise of Joe Porrello, gathered thirty family members and friends who put their house in collateral for gangster bonds. Porrello personally rescued Profac. There followed a major controversy over the validity of the bonds.

Several theories have been put forward as to why the meeting was called. First, the local presidents of the Unione Siciliane, a mafia-based immigrant auxiliary, were expected to elect a new national president. Their former president, Frankie Yale, was recently killed by an order from Chicago's infamous Al Capone. Secondly, it was thought that the meeting could have been convened

to organize a very profitable maize sugar industry. It was also said that the men were there to "confirm" Joe Porrello as the "kapo" of Cleveland.

Capone, who was not Sicilian, was in Cleveland during the meeting. He left shortly after arriving

tips for coworkers who said Sicilians didn't want him there.

Chapter VI

Another bloody angle

As the power and wealth of Joe Porrello grew, the heirs and close associates of the Lonardo brothers grew up for revenge.

Angelo Lonardo, Big Joe's 18-year-old son with his mother and cousin, drove to the corner of Porrello Castle, E. 110th and Woodland. There Angelo sent word that his mother wanted to talk to Salvatore "Black Sam" Todaro. Todaro, now Lieutenant Porrello, had worked for Angelo's father and was believed to be responsible for his murder. In later years, he was believed to be one of the gunmen.

As Todaro approached a conversation with Mrs. Lonardo, whom he respected, Angelo pulled out a gun and emptied it, "Black Sami's hidden frame. Todaro wrinkled on the sidewalk and died.

It is known that Angelo and his cousin were hidden from Chicago for months by Lonardo's friend Al Capone. It was later believed that Angelo spent time in California with his uncle Dominick, the fourth brother of Lonardo, who fled to the West when he was charged with assassination in 1921.

Finally, Angelo and his cousin were arrested and charged with murdering "Black Sami". For the first time in Cleveland's murder history, justice was earned in Cleveland, as both young men were convicted and sentenced to life. Although serving justice in the short term, they will only be released a year and a half after winning a new trial.

Chapter VII

Mayfield Road Mobile rise

October 20, 1929 "Big Joe" brother Frank Lonardo and John were killed during a card game. Two theories were put forward about his death; that it was revenge for the murder of Todaro "Black Sam" and that he was killed for not paying his gambling debts. Mrs. Frank Lonardo, when that was said

the husband's murder cried, "I'll get them. I'll get them myself if I have to kill a whole regiment!"

By 1929, small Italian crime boss Frank Milano had come to power as leader of his gang, "The Mayfield Road Mob." The Milan group formed part of the remains of the Lonardo gang and was associated with the powerful Cleveland Syndicate, Morrie Kleinman, Moe Dalitz, Sam Tucker and Louis Rothkopf. The Cleveland Syndicate was responsible for most of the booze imported through Lake Erie in Canada. In later years, they entered the casino business. One of their largest and most profitable businesses was the construction of a Desert Inn Hotel / Casino in Las Vegas. Dalitz is known as the godfather of Las Vegas.

Joe Porrello admired Milan's political organization, the East End Party Political Club, and saw such an effective value as wanting to associate himself with the group. Milan refused. It was later reported that Porrello was affiliated with the newly formed District 21 Republican Club. He hoped to organize the voters of Woodland Avenue, just as Milan did on Mayfield.

Chapter VIII

More corn sugar and blood

By 1930, Milan had grown quite powerful. He had come so far as to demand a piece of lucrative Porrello corn sugar. On July 5, 1930, Porrello received a phone call from Milan, who had requested a conference at his Venetian restaurant on Mayfield Road. Sam Tilocco and Joe Porrello's brother Raymond urged him not to go.

At about 2:00 pm, Joe Porrello and Sam Tilocco reached the restaurant in Milan and did so quietly. Porrello, Tilocco and Frank Milano were sitting in a restaurant and discussing business. Several Milanese henchmen were sitting nearby. The atmosphere was tense as Porrello refused to accept Milan's demands.

Porrello reached into his pocket to watch the clock to check the time. Two Milano men who believed Porrello was trying to get his gun opened fire. Porrello died as soon as he had three bullets in his head. Meanwhile, a third member of the Milan gang shot Tilocco, struck three times, but managed to knock his new Cadillac out the door. He fell as the gunmen pursued him, taking him down with six more bullets.

Frank Milano and several of his restaurant staff were arrested, but they were charged only with suspicious persons. The guns were not actually identified. At the start of the shooting, only one witness was in the cabin. He was Frank Joiner, a gaming machine distributor whose only testimony was that he "thought" he saw Frank Milan in a restaurant during the murders.

Cleveland's aggressive and forthright safety director Edwin Barry, frustrated by the ever-increasing boots murders, ordered all known sugar stores to be locked. He told the police officer to be detailed with everyone to make sure no sugar was introduced or removed.

Meanwhile, six Porrello brothers gave black silk shirts and ties and buried their most successful brother. An effective double gangster funeral was one of Cleveland's greatest ever. Two ensembles and thirty-three cars overloaded with flowers led to the procession of the killed Don and his bodyguard. More than two hundred and fifty cars followed, containing family and friends. The sidewalks were lined with thousands of mourners and curious seekers.

Cleveland's underworld was under intense rumors of an imminent war. Porrello's brother, Vincente-James, said publicly that he would sweep all those responsible for his brother's murder.

Three weeks after his brother's murder, Jim Porrello was still wearing a black shirt as he entered the I&A food and meat market at E. 110th Street and Woodland. As he picked the sheep carnivores at the butcher's counter, Ford's camper van, whose curtains were tight, traveled slowly past the shop. A couple of rifles fired and fired two rifles, one through the shop front window and the other through the front screen door.

Amateur gunmen were lucky. Two pellets found the back of Porrello's head and entered his brain. He was rushed to the hospital.

Chapter IX

"I think they will kill us all Porrellos"

"I think they kill us all Porrellos. I think they kill us all except Rosario. They can't

kill – he's in jail. "So Ottavio Porrello predicted a gloomy but calm prediction of his and his brothers' fate as he waited outside Jim's hospital room. Jim Porrello died at 5:55 p.m.

Two local petty gangsters were arrested and charged with murder. One was acquitted by direct judgment and the other acquitted. Like almost all of the Cleveland bootleg murders, the killers never saw justice.

Around this time it was circulated that the Porrello brothers were marked for destruction. Survivors

the brothers went into hiding. Raymond, known for his cumbersome attitude and hot temper, spoke like brother James for revenge. Raymond, however, was wiser, but took active measures to protect himself.

On August 15, 1930, three weeks after the murder of James Porrello, Raymond Porrello's house was leveled during a violent explosion. He was not home at the time because he had taken his family and left home in anticipation of the attack.

Four days later, Frank Aless, a witness to the murder of Lonardo's brother Frank "Great Joe", was killed. From the deathbed, he identified his assailant, Frank Brancato. Brancato was known primarily as a supporter of Lonardo and a suspect in several murders. Brancato was acquitted of Aless's murder.

Chapter X

In March 1931, Rosario Porrello was called to Ohio Prison Farm, where he had spent one year in a car carrying a weapon.

In mid-1931 Salvatore Maranzano, the national mafia capo di tutti capi (commander-in-chief) was killed. His murder triggered the formation of the first Mafia national decision-making committee, created to stop numerous murders arising from conflicts within and within Mafia families and to promote modern business practices in crime.

Charles "Lucky" Luciano was the main developer of the Commission and was appointed Chairman. The panel also named Al Capone in Chicago, Joe Profac in Brooklyn and Frank Milano in Cleveland.

In December 1931, Angelo Lonardo and his cousin Dominic Suspirato were released from prison after they were acquitted in another trial of Todaro's murder. After avenging his father's death and (mostly) escaping, he became a respected member of Frank Milano's Mayfield Road Mobile.

Members of the Lonardo family were not satisfied with the thirst for revenge. It was generally believed

jw.org en "Black Sam" Todaro initiated and may have participated in the murders of "Big Joe" and John Lonardo. However, members of the Lonardo family believed that the other Porrello brothers, especially John and Raymond, who was volatile, and Rosario's older brother, were

The murders of Joe and James Porrello.

On February 25, 1932, Raymond Porrello, his brother Rosario, and their bodyguard Dominic Gulino (also known by a number of nicknames) played cards near E. 110th and Woodland Avenue. The front door burst and during the hail of bullets, the brothers went under Porrello, their bodyguard and bystander. Porrellos died at the scene. Gulino died a few hours later. The bystander finally recovered from his hand


Several hours after the murders, Frank Brancato dragged himself with a bullet into St John's Hospital on the west side of Cleveland. He claimed he was shot dead in a street fight in the west. A few days later, tests of a bullet taken from Brancato revealed that it came from a pistol found at the Porrello brothers' murder scene. Although Brancato had never been convicted of both murders, he was convicted of wrongly committing a large jury for his presence during the murder. He served four years after Governor Martin L. Davey changed his sentence to one to ten years.

In 1933 the ban was lifted. The murders stopped most of the time when organized crime moved to other companies. Angelo Lonardo continued his crime career as a respected member of the Cleveland family, eventually climbing the ranks to lead the 1980s Northeast Ohio Rackets.

Early in 1933, Rosario's son Angelo (21) died in the Battle of Buffalo Pool following the tragedy of the great Porrello family. It was said that he and Uncle John were trying to make music at a corn factory business there.


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Heartland Inn Davenport

Take advantage of breathing fresh and clean air in this smoke-free hotel, located near restaurants and other local attractions such as the Putnam Museum, the Riverboat Museum and more. It is a 3 story building with 83 bedrooms. They offer free hot breakfasts with sausages and Belgian food. Heartland Inn Davenport is ideal for anyone who goes on business as well as for leisure.

Guests can also get their specials and one of them is the frequent guest program. Once registered, the card will be issued and available without expiration. There is also a gold card available in swimsuits and specialized suites.

There are also different types of rooms, from traditional suites to swimming pools with intimate settings. Room amenities include a variety of standard amenities such as air conditioning, fridge, telephone, cable and satellite TV, microwave, non-smoking room, internet access over coffee and air ducts. The hotel uses an electronic lock on every room for security purposes.

Hotel amenities and amenities are also convenient. It offers wireless internet, high speed laundry and dry cleaning services, a common area, meeting place, computer, wheelchair access, good parking area, a comfy bed and cocktail lounge, complemented restaurant with indoor pool. And the game room.

Sleep Inn and Dewell Suite

The hotel is located a few kilometers from the Quad Airport and near the tourist attractions. Take a cool dip in their indoor pool or relax in the hot tub in your private room. You can do a little exercise in their gym as well.

Computers can only use the Internet if you have to check email. Laundry and walnut services are also provided. Local calls are free. A satisfying breakfast is served every morning. The hotel is wheelchair accessible.

The living room has an iron and steel board, a radio, a watchmaker, a coffee maker and a hairdresser.

London – History and Culture Rye

The city of London is one of the largest in the world with endless history; beautiful attractions; ideal places for famous activities; impressive architectural buildings and works of art. With more than 2,000 years of flourishing history, the bustling city of the United Kingdom has become a world-class destination.

Whether for business or tourism, the huge attraction for international visitors is really due to the diversity of lifestyle and culture. Historic sites are facing modern equals. London is an ideal destination for anyone who loves art, music, architecture, entertainment, culture and history.

When you arrive in this city, you will find that all airports: Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton, Stansted and City Airport offer great amenities. There are taxis that will take you to and from your airport.

Explore this city and explore the River Thames as well as the river cruise for sightseeing. Walking along the river banks at night will also give you an enjoyable experience. Some other tourist attractions, including the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Tower, Westminster Abbey, Madame Tussauds, the British Museum and many more, all show the history of the city as well as its modern development.

Museums and galleries have had collections since London was founded. Today, galleries and museums display well-known works of world-class artists and famous authors. Some of London's famous galleries are The Tate Modern; National Portrait Gallery; The Tate Britain and National Gallery of Trafalgar Square.

London's parks provide great entertainment for people of all ages. Some of them are Hyde Park, Royal Botanic Gardens and Kensington Gardens. Other places include Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Covent Garden and Piccadilly Circus.

It is also one of the world's best locations for quality education and opportunities for a variety of professional careers and businesses. International and national universities provide you with a good standard education, whether you are a native or a foreign student who wants to study in London.

For sporting purposes, London organized a number of events and tournaments. This city has stadiums that host cricket, football and many other international sporting events. The 2012 Olympics are also scheduled in London, which will be the third event in this city.

Make sure you make the necessary plans to travel to this city and get a taxi so that you can easily visit for the various attractions and events.

Downtown Hotel Reservation – Doverport, Iowa

Davenport's downtown area is actually the center of the city in Iowa. This is where you will find resident artists, the Park Packers Front, and the iconic Mark Brand. Davenport also hosts major health and environmental events. People who have decided to stay in Davenport can stay in out-of-town apartments and townhouses.

However, if you want to stay in Downtown Davenport for just a few weeks, you can choose to rent a room in the local Downtown Davenport Hotel. These essential but essential establishments are perfect for you, whether you are in business meetings or are looking for a vacation in Downtown. And it is also a good idea to have reservations information on these hotels in the Town of Dover. Related to this below is the Tower of Denver Hotel as well as details on each hotel booking.

A hotel called DeVan is an example of such a lodge in the downtown area. To book a room in this famous downtown hotel, call 1-563-324-2000. The major establishments close to the Denver Port include the Public Library, downtown and The Town of D.D. Therefore, it is perfect for professionals and students who have attended short courses in one of the Dublin schools. It is also a few minutes drive from the city for nightlife and music. Davenport also offers on-site parking for people with their own vehicles. Inside the hotel, visitors are greeted by a lounge with showers and helpful and efficient staff. Room is clean and complete with standard features and features.

Another hotel in downtown Davenport is the Residence Inn. You can make a reservation at this hotel by calling 1-563-391-8887. It is located near Milan International Airport, making it a top choice for guests traveling by plane. Major attractions near the Residence Inn include the Mississippi River, the Nairobi Zoo, and Isabella Bush. The wireless IT center is also minutes away from the hotel. The hotel room is spacious with a kitchen and separate area for work and sleep. Rates start at $ 99 per night.

Radisson Quad City Plaza is another popular hotel in Davenport in the downtown area. For reservations, residents of the United States and Canada can call 1-800-395-7046 for free. The Radisson Quad City Plaza connects the skyline to the convention center. The hotel is close to the historic Arsenal Island, a waterfront park and a number of river casinos. It offers indoor swimming pool, health club and nearby runway. Rooms are equipped with all basic amenities, plus additional internet access. Night rates start at $ 109.

Going further, Davenport Town also presents the Davenport-Days Inn. You can make a reservation by calling 1-800-329-7466. The newly renovated hotel is conveniently located near many restaurants and shopping centers. All rooms offer large comfortable beds, cable TV with special network, free local calls and high-speed Internet access, Davenport-Days Inn nightly rates start at $ 71.00.

Best Weekend Vacations – 6 budget, US and international destinations

If you are coming for a long weekend and want to take advantage of this extra day off, why not take a trip for a few days? What's the point of staying home when there are so many places to explore? Traveling these days does not involve much advance planning. You can easily throw down a two or three day route. You may also find last minute deals so you can catch up. Where should I go? Here are some of the best weekend vacations (domestic):

Tucson, Arizona

If you are not thinking about the heat of the desert, Tucson is a nice and affordable place to visit. There is plenty to do outside, such as visiting Saguaro National Park and exploring the Barrio Historico. Navigate the Arizona – Sonora Desert Museum to see fascinating plants and animals in stunning scenery. It is VERY easy to find a nice hotel for less than $ 100 a night in this city.

Kansas City, MO

In the middle of America, Kansas City is an affordable destination that offers a lot of fun on a weekend getaway. Many attractions, such as the Museum of Art, can be visited free of charge. If you're a sports fan, go catch a game at Kauffman Stadium or Arrowhead Stadium.

Austin, TX

One of Texas' best weekend vacations is the city of Austin. It's especially fun to visit if you like music. On Sixth Street you will find famous bands as well as new bands performing their best songs. Go to Austin Zoo if you want to see all types of creatures: scales, hairs and feathers. There are plenty of budget hotels with free breakfast.

Here are the best weekend vacations for international destinations:

Guadalajara, Mexico

It's a cheap destination if you're flying out of a major city in the US. There is no shortage of affordable accommodation. It is usually cheaper if you choose a vacation package that includes both airfare and hotel room. There are many fun things to do, such as exploring cultural institutions such as the Museo Huichol Wixarica de Zapopan, the Clemente Orozco Museum.

Brussels, Belgium

Airlines like WOWAir offer low cost airline tickets to European destinations. Brussels in particular is an affordable holiday with over 500 hotels. A 4-star hotel is easy to find if you pay $ 100 or less per night. This beautiful historic city is definitely worth a visit.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

There are many affordable destinations in the Caribbean, but the best weekend getaways are currently in Santo Domingo. Airfare, lodging, food and activities suit every budget. This city is a blend of modern Latin elegance and old world charm. You'll find an amazing mix of historic fortresses and palace blended with 21st-century shopping and nightlife.

Let travel websites be your best source for the best weekend vacations and travel deals. Whether you already have a destination in mind or want to browse through all the current deals, there may be a discount code online that can help you save even more.